Follow the peace

Using several tools, all of which helped me heal, I offer individual and group sessions, programs, and private mentoring to help you heal so you can co-create the life you desire.

After working with me, you'll gain:

✓ Love and acceptance for yourself

✓ Greater emotional, mental, and physical health

✓ Ability to make decisions in a state of peace

✓ Feeling free to be YOU

✓ 0 guilt and shame for having FUN with your life!

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I can't wait to start working with you!

Some of the techniques I use include:

Body Mapping

Breath Work

AO Scan technology

Emotion Code

Abundance Alignment Technique

If you're looking to improve your running and/or triathlon, click the button to learn more about my physical health coaching services.

All physical health coaching services include improving your emotional health as a foundational component.

The large majority of sports injuries and illnesses before and after a race stem from unbalanced and suppressed emotions. Once we clear all of that up, your physical health and athletic performance improves!

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